5 Places to Go in Cookeville This Summer

Sitting down surfing the internet? Haven’t been outside since you don’t know when? Wondering what the heck there is to do in Cookeville? More than you know! Cookeville may not be a big city, or a happening scene, but I see it as a place to find yourself and make bonds. I have been in Cookeville for three years and I used to wonder the same things until I found 5 places to unwind and discover yourself. These are great day get-aways in and around Cookeville.

1.)  Russel Stover Candies


Right off Highway 111, nestled on Chocolate Drive is our own sweet escape. This candy outlet is the perfect place to buy bulk discount chocolate. Not just chocolate though, they carry homemade fudge, Jelly Belly brand jelly beans, and caramel apples. It is a place I take all my new friends because I know that anyone can find something that they like. When midterms get ya down, get on down to Russell Stover.

(Photo Courtesy Google)

2.) The Coliseum Gaming Pub


Located less than 5 minutes from campus this Cookeville hotspot has so much to offer us. They have trivia, arcade games, good food, and concerts Oh My! They also have a bar for the 21+ and up crowd. It is an environment for hanging out and relaxing.If I want to mindlessly unwind, I head to my home away from home. Friendly staff greet you, games and music entertain you, and people to surround yourself, it is a recipe for good times.

(Photo Courtesy acmeindustrialthinking)

3.) Cummins Falls


This one may be well known, but if you have not been this should be on the top of your list. It is a beautiful site and an active way to get out.It is a steep hike, but it is worth the struggle. I go to soak up sun and have some fun. You can go by yourself or with a group and either way it is a blast. If you wanna go swimming and splashing around this is one of the best local places for that.

(Photo Courtesy Google)

4.) Fall Creek Falls


I know, another waterfall. But hear me out. This one is different. It is a little further away, an hour drive, completely worth it however. This is my favorite summer hangout. It has so much variety. If you want to take a relaxing stroll to a watering hole for a dip in refreshing water, it has that. If you want to go on a strenuous hike they have that too. You like creepy bridges they have that too! Nature doesn’t get more enjoyable then that!

(Photo Courtesy Wikipedia)

5.) Cream City Icecream and Coffee House


Wondering where to cool down after a day exploring Cookeville? Come to a place so iconic to Cookeville it has its own SnapChat filter. Cream City has delicious frozen treats, steaming concoctions, and plenty of seating for you and your friends. This is a great date stop or a place to bring your family when they come down to visit. It is a great place to go for fun but also work. They have free wifi for you to indulge while working hard. Close to campus makes it delightful, delectable, and down the road.

I hope that you enjoy all that Cookeville has to offer and that you love Cookeville as much as I do.

(Photo Courtesy Flicker: Chuck Southerland)

-Miranda R.| Tennessee Tech. | c/o 2017

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